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Secure Web Based Administration

Our Secure Web-based administration interface provides system administrators remote access to the mail server from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Administrators can quickly and securely manage configuration and mail server maintenance tasks, while recurring tasks can easily be automated through exposed Web services

Mailbox Migration Assistance

Switching to our service from another email provider like Gmail, IMail, Kerio, Yahoo! Mail Plus, or Zimbra is hasslefree. With our built-in mailbox migration tool, new users can easily transfer their email and collaboration items from another provider to their new mailbox. With its easy-to-understand instructions, the mailbox migration tool guides users through these tasks without help from administrators.

Auto-complete Addressing

Because most users send email to the same recipients, with ACA feature it will automatically pulls email addresses from sent messages, contacts lists, and the Global Address List (GAL) and uses them to auto-complete the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of new messages and appointment

Monitor users emails

Administrator can receive the copy of all emails coming to their domain, which can be used for central backup and monitoring service.

New Antispam Measures

Our powerful out-of-the-box spam protection with additional antispam measures, including DKIM spam check, additional greylisting rules, POP message filtering, and blocking 97% of spam.

Improved Mailing Lists

Our email hosting enhances mailing list functionality with advanced features normally only found in standalone mass mailing applications. The additions of bounce detection with automatic removal, double opt-in, subscriber custom fields, mail merge, logging per subscriber, message prioritization, and much more, not only provide tools to successfully manage large mailing lists, but when used in conjunction with the throttling and prioritization features it can help protect the server from being saturated.

Manage All Email Accounts from One Interface

With the combination of POP importing, IMAP importing, SMTP identities, and multiple signatures—Webmail users can now effectively use one account to manage all of their email accounts. Users can reply using multiple SMTP identities with ease and have immediate access to primary calendars and contacts—allowing full access to all collaboration tools, synchronization features, and more from one Web interface.

Secure FTP connection

We stopped ftp on normal port 21 and implemented Secure FTP on port 990 with implicit SSL option ON With this change the hackers the attacks should reasonably cease down and your sites would remain clean from Iframe insertion on website which is a very serious and common problem affecting the websites these days and get blocked at the Google as "THIS SITE MAY HARM YOUR COMPUTER"

Secure Control Panel

Our secure 128 bit encrypted https connection helps you to manage your Hosting Admin area more securely on any networks.

24x7 Global Support

Our Global 24x7 Customer Support is there for you to ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat. Our support specialists are technical expertise with advanced support technologies operated from different parts of the world including US, Canada, UAE & India.

Support for Standard Video Streaming

Support for Microsoft Silverlight, streaming video, streaming audio, Real Media Audio & Video, Flash, Shockwave, and MIME types.

AWStats Web statistics

Our Web Statistics combines users and bot detection with detailed summary and trend reporting to help understanding real website traffic, search engines, key phrases and keywords used to find your site.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We realize the importance of your web site and Email needs to be available 24/7/365. That's why we offer our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Apps Auto-Installer

Our Easy Apps Auto-Installer allows you to instantly install many popular applications with one-click from your website control panel. You can install a wide range of popular open source applications including various types of Blogs, Portals, Content Management Systems (CMS), Discussion Boards, Forums, Customer Relationship software and many others.

Daily & Weekly Server Backups

All our Servers perform daily & Weekly backups to secure your important data which exists across various server locations. Our server backup experts have conducted comprehensive research and have prepared complex backup scripts that automatically maintain copies of all important files and folders, in a secure manner, on a regular pre-defined interval, such that we can restore a server in the shortest possible time, in the event of a total failure.